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Usheco's Thermoforming department can fabricate parts up to 4 feet by 6 feet. This process allows for reduced tooling costs, and for more cost-effective production of many plastic parts, as well as allowing for design flexibility. Usheco services numerous industries including: aerospace, medical, handicap equipment, laboratory equipment, point of purchase, pottery equipment and CPR training equipment. We fabricate custom trays and dunnage for manufacturing processes, large equipment housings, and guards. We can build your mold in house, using aluminum, wood, or epoxy, depending on your volume requirements. We regularly process ABS, FRABS, HDPE, PP, Kydex, PETG, Acrylic, and Polycarbonate.

  • 4 sheet vacuum forming machines with a maximum mold size of 48" x 68" and maximum draw of 36"

CNC Machining

Our CNC Routing department is capable of handling parts, or sheets, up to 5 feet by 10 feet. As a secondary operation, we can trim, drill holes, and rout slots. We are able to machine custom shapes, employing your electronically transferred IGS and DXF files. We can take your CAD file and turn it into a completed part, fabricated to your engineered specifications.

Generally tolerances vary with the product being machined. It's not uncommon for Usheco to machine products with tolerances at or smaller than +/- .005".

  • 3 CNC machining centers with maximum travel of 48" x 96" x 8"
  • 1 5-axis CNC machining center with maximum travel of 60" x 120" x 48" 

CNC Machining and Routing

CNC Machining – 3 Machines All 3 axis
Milltronics Mill 14” x 24” x 12” with toolchanger
Router 1- 5’ x 10’ 2 heads
Router 2- 4’ x 6’ 2 heads

Part Size
Up to 5 x 10 ft


(2) Routers with 2 heads each. One 5'x10' and one 4' x 6'
(3) CNC Machines with 3-axis
Milltronic Mill with toolchanger, 14"x24"x12"

Injection Molding

USHECO, Inc. offers Custom Injection Molding, Tool Building, Assistance with Product Design and Secondary Assembly. We are dedicated to providing superior service, quality, fair pricing and on time delivery. Our 6 Injection Molders can produce parts up to 16 oz. Centralized cooling allows for a better molding process. We are capable of high volume runs as well as short runs.USHECO, Inc. manufactures a wide variety of injection molded parts for a growing number of industries such as: Medical, Dental, Handicap Equipment, Electronics, Vending Machine Equip., Engraving Equip., Industrial Waste Water Equip., Hardware, and general industrial products. We regularly process ABS, HIPS, Nylon, Glass filled Nylon, HDPE, PC, Glass filled PC, Santoprene, PP, and Foamed PE. Specifications

Part Size
Up to 16 oz

Engraving Equipment Industrial Waste
General Industrial Products.
Handicap Equipment
Vending Machine Equipment
Water Equipment

Injection Molding Equipment
Cincinnati Milacron 165 ton
Cincinnati Milacron 55 ton (2 machines)
HPM 200 ton
Newbury 50 ton ( 2 machines)
Newbury 75 ton

Resin Handling Equipment
Abach 5 drawer Tray Dryer
Autoload Loaders ( 3 units)
Conair C 50 (3 machines)
Conair CD 200 w/Compu-dry
Conair CD 25
Plastrac Color Feeders

Calcium Carbonate Filled Polypropylene
Glass-filled polycarbonate

Line Bending

Usheco's Line Bending facilities are capable of bending a wide variety of thermoformable materials. With multiple jigs and formers available, we can bend multiple angles at tight tolerance, as well as free-hand bend items where precision isn't paramount. Capable of handling up to 6' long pieces at 1/2" thickness, Usheco utilizes over 40 years of experience and fully equipped facilities to meet all your Line Bending needs.

  • 3 adjustable bending machines
Die Cutting

Usheco's Die Cutting capabilities produce high quality, tight tolerance plastic and foam products. With over 40 years of experience, our facilities can handle a wide variety of plastics and foams in a range of sizes. Plastic sheets can be up to 1/8" thick, while foam size tolerances will depend on the type of foam.

Die Cutting Equipment
29" Edwards Roller Die Cutter
70 Ton Samco Die Cutter 22 x 44 bed

Foam - PU foams, PE foams and others
Plastic Sheets - ABS, PS, PC, HDPE , Kydex and others

Dimensional Tolerances
Foam - Various Thickness and Densities
Plastic Sheets - Up to 1/8" thick

Secondary Operations

Electrical Assembly
Hand Sanding
Light Assembly
Sonic Welding

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